Atma-Sphere Music Systems

Atma-Sphere is a small company in Saint Paul, MN that has been making world-class vacuum tube music amplifiers since 1976.

They are known for their unique approach to circuit design, resulting in multiple patents and the creation of the first, truly reliable Output TransformerLess (OTL) amplifiers. Atma-Sphere also made the first balanced-line products in the world of high-end audio, the MP-1 for example was/is the world's first balanced-line preamp.

All Atma-Sphere amps and preamps are hand-crafted and often made-to-order according to each customer's needs. Furthermore, all of their components are hand-selected, and often custom-manufactured especially for them, right down to the wire used.

The resulting products are unique in the world, with both an unmatched capacity to reproduce music and an intrinsic reliability seen nowhere else.