Design Goal

From Colorado's Rocky Mountain foothills comes a company driven by a love of music, and fueled with the passion to blend modern technology and the spirit of old-world craftsmanship - serving the goal of bringing music alive in your home.

At Galibier Design, form follows function. As we work toward producing audio sculpture which graces the top shelf of your equipment stand, we will never subordinate product development to marketing and cosmetics.

In our product development we maintain focus on retaining backward compatibility with our installed base of customers.

A modular design approach serves both our quest for ultimate sound and the best interest of our customers - by reducing development costs and lead times which allows us to explore designs that would not otherwise be possible for a small, specialist company.

In support of this concept, we offer a generous trade-up policy for many components. At the same time, we focus on issuing mature and stable designs.

Unlike some audio companies whose product life cycles resemble those of the typical microprocessor, we work hard to ensure that your investment retains both its sonic and monetary value.