The Gavia Name:

All Galibiers are made in the U.S.A. but we worship the great traditions of European Bicycling and Alpine Climbing and Skiing. In honor of these traditions, we christened this turntable after the famous Gavia mountain pass in the Dolomite mountain range in Italy.


  • Base milled from a solid 75 pound aluminum billet.
  • Threaded bearing insert - improves coupling to base.
  • Aluminum parts mirror polished (Gavia platter is anodized black).
  • Articulated (pivoting) armboard (accommodates 12" arms)
  • Can mount two tonearms


  • Complete Gavia turntable includes includes everything except tonearm and cartridge:
  • Platter choice (Serac or Gavia)
  • Motor Pod with precious brush DC motor
  • Armboard drilled for your arm
  • Polished aluminum finish (Gavia platter is anodized black)
  • Battery power supply

Outside the USA and Canada:

We cannot ship batteries outside the USA and Canada. We will credit you $100 toward the purchase of a 12 Volt battery supply and will provide you with the necessary umbilical connectors.


Gavia-II: $15,750.