Cantata "Pont Neuf" Bridge

The Cantata Pont Neuf allows the compatibility and simplicity of a USB-based audio source without the physical limitations normally associated with USB connections; the limit of a cable to 15 feet in length. If your computer-based library isn't within that distance, USB is no longer an option and more complex solutions are normally required.

The Pont Neuf overcomes this limitation by creating a "virtual" USB connection which can travel over your home network to the Cantata Music Center. Regardless of how far away the host computer is, as long as the devices are on the same network, all of the benefits of a USB source device are retained. If an ethernet connection isn't available, adding a WiFi converter can deliver the same connection wirelessly.

Configuration is a snap since the Pont Neuf requires no additional drivers. Everything required to use the device is built into the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

In short, you'll hear the quality you've come to expect from Resolution Audio with the convenience and flexibility of a computer-based music library.


  • Power for the unit is provided by the USB port - no additional power adaptor is necessary.
  • Connects directly to your home network via ethernet, or wirelessly by addin a wireless converter.
  • No additional drivers are required.