(noun) a pinnacle, sharp ridge, or block of ice among the crevasses of a glacier.

Note: The Serac is discontinued.

We are leaving this page up for informational purposes only.

The Goal:

Over the past few years, we wrestled with how to produce a more affordable turntable which retains the major strengths of the Gavia and Stelvio turntables. The goal was to produce a product that easily competes with turntables costing twice the Serac's asking price. With the final revisions we are confident that we have succeeded.

Critical to the success of this project is an unwillingness to compromise on the drive system, bearing, and platter in order to maximize the following key benefits:

  • Speed stability
  • Noise floor
  • Rhythm
  • Dynamics
  • Nuance


Since the Serac's announcement, we have fielded numerous questions about our design choices as well as material selection for the Serac project. Realize that any design short of a statement product involves making difficult design choices driven by cost constraints.

The outstanding sonic performance of our designs results from the careful design and close tolerance machining of our bearing, platter, and motor drive system. No amount of exotic materials and construction methods can compensate for shortfalls to these vital components. For this reason, we focused our effort where it would yield the greatest sonic gain - all the while working toward a balanced design.

While you can't achieve everything on a fixed budget, we're extremely proud of the choices we've made in the Serac.

We are in particular philosophically against the notion of a "Signature" motor controller. With the Serac, you get the same motor controller we supply with the Gavia and the Stelvio turntables. Speed control is too critical to building a quality turntable, and compromising in this area is not negotiable at Galibier.

The bearing and platter are the other two critical components where we refuse to compromise. Reference the design section below for a comparison between the Serac and the Gavia.

As you consider the Serac, we encourage you to think in terms of a complete design, and not in terms of individual components. Consider the flexible architecture and parts compatibility with the entire Galibier line of turntables. You could be happy with a Serac forever, but if you get the itch, we simplify moving to other models.

The Design:

The following critical components are identical to the Gavia model:

  • The Motor Controller and Top Plate.

Note: we are using a precious brush, DC motor which was a finalist during our evaluation sessions for the Gavia and Stelvio. While it is slightly different from the Gavia and Stelvio models it is built to a very high standard.

  • The Bearing.
  • The Armboard and Front Pillar.
  • Base dimensions and architecture - all Galibiers are capable of running two tonearms.

The differences between the Gavia and the Serac?

  • The Base material - while it has the characteristic Galibier shape, we employ composite materials instead of aluminum.
  • The Serac platter is matched with this turntable, instead of the Gavia TPI© which resides on the Gavia.
  • The Motor Pod is less massive than the Gavia's and is cylindrical in shape instead of faceted.

Implementation is identical to the Gavia and Stelvio.

The basic Serac Turntable includes everything except arm and cartridge:

  • Complete turntable - ready for the arm and cartridge of your choice
  • Motor pod / controller / battery - using precious brush DC motor
  • Aluminum components are polished, platter is natural PVC color, and the remaining components are painted.
  • 12 Volt battery furnished in North America & Europe only. See below, for notes.

Upgrade Roadmap and Trade-ins:

The Serac is offered with one platter option - the Serac platter. The next step in your upgrade path is a Gavia turntable.

Within 18 months of delivery, the original purchaser of a Serac may trade their turntable in for full credit of its purchase price toward the purchase of a new Gavia or Stelvio turntable.

The trade-in value of your Serac will be specified on your invoice. This offer applies to trade-in of a Serac and not to any accessories purchased (e.g. tonearm, cartridge, armboards, etc.).

Trade-in value is subject to evaluation of the condition and salability of the Serac as a used turntable in excellent condition. A refurbishing deduction may apply.

The unit must be returned to Galibier in its original packaging. Contact us if you have questions about safely packing your turntable for return.

Outside North America and Europe:

We cannot ship batteries outside North America and Europe. We will credit you $50 toward the purchase of a 12 Volt battery supply and will provide you with the necessary umbilical cord - terminated at the motor pod connection and unterminated at the battery connection.