About Us

ELECTRA-FIDELITY AUDIO embodies the philosophy of bridging the gap between live music and high fidelity sound reproduction. Our goal is to provide quality components and accessories that offer our customers the highest value and enjoyment. After all, it's not about what components you use to listen to your music, but how much you enjoy listening to the music using those components. We want you to hear all that is good in the music you listen to.

In addition to other well known brands, Electra-Fidelity Audio is pleased to be the U.S. distributor and authorized retailer for ELECTRA-PRINT AUDIO'S proprietary line of components. This is a line of audio components designed by and utilizing the intellectual property of Jack Elliano (of Electra-Print transformers fame) and we look forward to introducing his outstanding designs to the high-end audio world. Electra-Fidelity Amplification components are made in the USA and are manufactured to the highest quality standards and backed with exceptional customer service and support.

Feel free to browse our site and CONTACT US if you have further interest in our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Demo Room

Gerstle Park
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