Electra-Fidelity Amplification

Lately I’ve been fortunate to be learning about audio circuit design from someone with 40+ years in the Hi-Fi and Pro Audio industry. I don’t know where this will lead me, but I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. Jack Elliano is a real Engineer who has seen many trends come and go, and forgotten more than most will remember. Jack designs audio components utilizing the basics: a schematic, his soldering iron, and test equipment. Design ideas come from an extensive collection of reference books and his many years of experience. Something of a long lost art these days. It's refreshing to know there are still people out there that don't make up "new" circuit design concepts off the top of their heads, but instead use research methods, logic combined with some outside the box thinking, and thorough testing to come up with an innovative circuit. More importantly, it's even rarer to find someone who is truly willing to teach a newer generation of protégés to carry on this tradition of audio circuit design; but in a nutshell, that's Jack.

In many ways it’s all about simplicity with Jack. Why use a Jack Hammer to drive a nail. Sure, you can spend a fortune on audio jewelry if you want to, and there will be plenty of people that will be happy to take your money. Eventually there will come a time when you look in the mirror and feel like an idiot about the whole thing. I can say that because I speak from personal experience. However, since when do looks, let alone price, define how components sound? What I learned the hard way is it all boils down to a well-designed circuit. People who know Jack know his circuits are well designed. They see the production work and testing, and there’s a reason they stick around for the listening sessions.

Jack's design philosophy isn’t complicated and doesn’t use any otherworldly theories. Just a simple circuit based on solid and time tested engineering principles. The transformers used are hand built to perfectly match the circuitry at an on-site production line, not in some far and distant land. All the circuit parts used are good quality, guaranteed not to break the bank, and assembled using point-to-point wiring. However, and most importantly, is the testing. Until it passes Jack’s stringent test standards it won’t be sold. Jack has a saying, “if it measures good, it sounds good.” Put another way, “If the power curve isn’t pretty, neither is the sound.”

ELECTRA-FIDELITY is pleased to be the U.S. distributor and authorized retailer for ELECTRA-PRINT AUDIO'S proprietary line of ELECTRA-FIDELITY AMPLIFICATION components. This is a line of audio components designed by and utilizing the intellectual property of Jack Elliano (of Electra-Print transformers fame) and we look forward to introducing his outstanding designs to the high-end audio world. Electra-Fidelity Amplification components are made in the USA and are manufactured to the highest quality standards and backed with exceptional customer service and support.