Silver 45 SE Stereo Integrated Amplifier [SOLD OUT]

NOTE: The 45 Cu is still available, scroll down for details and pricing.

This single ended tube stereo integrated amp delivers that important first watt that audiophiles love. The design has been optimized for low distortion and high efficiency with no negative feedback or any sort of servo correction circuitry. The transformers are designed to provide matching input/output source impedance and ground loop isolation, just as found in pro-audio applications. It’s suggested that you use speakers that are 95+ db efficient and only tubes that yield good test results for the best performance.

One important item to note is that the output transformers incorporate a proprietary Partial Stranded Silver Secondary (PSSS) winding. This method results in a level of speed and detail not commonly found in other 45 circuit designs. Due to this and other manufacturing considerations, the Silver 45 SE is being made available in a limited production run of 10 units. Each unit is hand numbered and signed by the designer, Jack Elliano. In addition, each unit will be supplied with new old stock 45 tubes.

The Silver 45 SE is a full range amplifier that includes a High Pass output as well. The High Pass output incorporates a second order high pass filter circuit that results in a 100Hz cut so the amp is built to drive midrange and high frequencies only. To compensate you will need to use a sub-woofer for the bass frequencies.

Specifications & Details:

  • Power output @ clipping is 1.7 watts.
  • Bandwidth: -1 dB 12Hz to 34kHz (full output).
  • Distortion: <1.0% THD mid-power, mid-band.
  • Single value output transformers with partial stranded silver secondaries (PSSS). 
  • Stereo volume control.
  • Circuit optimized for proper operation with tubes specified.
  • Tube compliment includes 2 x 45 and 2 x 6SN7 from our conventional inventory of new old stock tubes.
  • Includes two RCA inputs switchable between Low Z (100 ohms) and High Z (10k ohms).
  • Two RCA line level bass outputs provided for use with sub-woofers.
  • Hand built conventional point-to-point wiring.
  • Rugged retro construction and cosmetics. Optionally available with wood side panels, as well as, raked front-end that provides a classic muscle car look.
  • All measurements made with Tektronix SG-505 oscillator and AA-501A Mod WQ distortion analyzer.

The volume control of the Silver 45 SE incorporates Electra-Fidelity's newly introduced Magnetic Line Amplifier providing an attenuator designed entirely with passive components. The Silver 45 SE will accept your CD, tuner, phono stage, or other sources. Having both Low Z (100 ohm) and High Z (10K ohm) signal taps for the solid core silver nickel core input transformer gives perfect matching to tube or transistor signal sources. In addition, solid-state rectification is used to provide lower bass distortion.

The Silver 45 SE used with high efficiency speakers is capable of extremely linear performance producing exceptional detail and dynamics. Did I mention it is only 1.7 watts per channel? If you have Avantgarde's, Cain & Cain's, Edgarhorn’s, Horn Shoppe's, La Scala’s, Lowther’s, or any manner of excruciatingly efficient speakers you absolutely need an amp that is extremely quiet. Any noise and you’ll hear it. The Silver 45 SE is designed to be extremely quiet.

Each Silver 45 SE is hand built, tested, and individually spec'd after having been run in for three weeks. All parts, including the tubes, have been hand selected by the designer to specifically provide optimal sound quality and reliability. In addition, there is a 3-year parts and labor warranty against manufacturing defects. Tubes are warranted for 3 months. Remember, it's all in the circuit.


$3,995 - Limited production run of 10 units [Sold Out].

$2,995 - A version of the 45 stereo integrated amplifier using copper wire for all transformer windings. These will be made available while the supply of new old stock 45 tubes last.

NOTE: Parts and other upgrades with the exception of those previously mentioned are not available with the Sliver 45 SE. Chief Designer, Jack Elliano's philosophy focuses on manufacturing transformers with the widest bandwidth and lowest distortion possible. He then matches a circuit with hand selected parts for use with the transformers that optimizes overall performance. Rigorous testing with different capacitors, resistors, and other parts has shown no discernible difference in sound quality. However, to pacify the audiophile who wishes to experiment on their own, there is easy access to the circuit and a schematic can be supplied so that you can perform your own upgrades.

WARNING: When working on any type of audio component you run the risk of exposing yourself to lethal voltages. As such, any attempt to modify the circuit is at your own risk and any modifications will void the manufacturer's warranty (no exceptions).