Dagogo A3-500 Review

At the California Audio Show last year Jack Roberts from Dagogo stopped by our room for a listen and was amazed at how well our system sounded. We had a pretty modest set up that included our A3-500 300B amps once again mated with FritzFrequencies speakers, this time the new Carrera 7 model. The source was the Resolution Audio Cantata with variable output. Sometimes simpler is better, at least in this case we felt so. Well Jack decided to take a flyer and review the amps and you can read all about it by clicking HERE.

California Audio Show 2014

Once again we teamed up with Fritz Heiler of FritzFrequencies for another fun packed audio show. This time it was the California Audio Show sponsored by Dagogo. Our room was busy throughout the entire event and we even scored a review from Jack Roberts who took home the Electra-Fideliy A3-500 monoblocks for a listen. Look for the review in Dagogo in the near future. For now, click HERE for more details and comments about the room.