Our Cable Brands

The cable brands we offer follow a design philosophy that simpler is better. They use geometries designed to provide superior noise cancellation while allowing the signal to be transmitted the way it was intended.

You won't get any fancy marketing gimmicks that fly in the face of conventional engineering or construction techniques that add artifacts and coloration to the sound. If you are the type that needs a cable to act as a tone control in your system I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. You'll find that each brand we carry offers cables designed to be very flexible and easy to connect to your components. No frozen garden hoses or Boa Constrictor diameter sized cables for sale here.

We make no extravagant or false statements about the cable brands we carry. We don't claim that they sound better than any other well designed interconnect. What we do claim is that they are the very finest quality and are superbly engineered with the best wire and connectors available; and at price points that won't break your bank.


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